Nowadays it is often associated with sports and athletes, but what is it? How do you recognize it? Where does it come from and where does it go? What can it do for me? And does it only concern sport and athletes?

I have asked different people and got different answers: It’s a way of working towards your targets and staying close to yourself.. It’s what your thinking.. It’s how something connects to you.. And some could just not answer the question and had to think about it. Have you recently ran into mindset? And what is it for you..?

It shows that we got something that can take different forms, but one thing is for sure.. none of them ever met it somewhere, so I’m quite sure it’s something unseen. One thing I know is that the unseen creates the seen. The unseen is basically the foundation of everything we see. So then this ‘mindset thing’ could be something that is able to create something else, don’t you think? This could also change something that is already there, right? It seems good to find out what is the idea or thought behind this thing called mindset. (Can I even say that?)


  1. Kiki, has your mind always been set during your active career? When did it and when did it not?
    Nowadays amateur sportsmen and woman has so much distraction from their sport. What can be the right or best mind set and how will they get to it?
    I have read your vision on mind set.
    But how do/will they see?
    Do you have some suggestions?


    1. Dear Hans,

      Thank you for visiting my website. What I wrote was not my vision on mindset, it was just to trigger people to think about mindset. My vision will be shared during the sessions. Feel free to join a session!

      Kind regards,
      Kiki Musampa


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