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Never expected to love this sport so much. I have always been curious about riding a horse, but I was never able to because of my work. I used to imagine how it will be to sit on it when it starts galloping. The sensation is even exceeding my expectations. The strength and power of these animals is amazing. I haven’t experienced it in full power yet, but it’s already a great feeling. When that head goes down and he starts galloping it literally takes me to another dimension. Another thing is riding in la Costa del Sol. The landscape is raw and the freedom to ride makes you enjoy your horse to the fullest. Being able to go and have a drink out there on your horse is something you only see in movies, but actually really happens there. Where others park their cars you park your horse, amazing!!

Thank you Pepe and Carlos for great lessons and the experiences out there!


Cowboy Billy

These really became part of me. I didn’t expect me to like this so much. They can even do more than I thought, at least in this country they can. This is ‘paso Español’. Olée!

Bedtime Story

It’s time to go to bed. What do you feel when it’s that time? Are you getting tired of the idea? Are you feeling happy to go to bed? Or is it a burden to you cause you’re having nightmares? One thing I know: I need a new bed! (To be continued..)

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