Besides having the right mindset, you have to create the perfect environment to deliver a top performance. Management coaching will touch upon all areas of your life. First we will make an analysis of the player and set up targets together.

We can provide different personalized schedules for players to improve their performances. Training, nutrition and recovery schedules designed for you to gain in strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and faster recovery on and off the pitch. We plan and work together with you to unlock your potential and to stay on top of your game.

With the expertise of an experienced team we create the right environment to succeed your goals and to work to your next level as a player. We will consult you and support you in how to manage your life in order to reach your goals. We provide management in Mindset coaching, career, practice, diet, treatments and supplements.

Management coaching will be subject to a one off annual contribution. The fee depends on the needs of the player. This includes:

  • 15% discount on nutrition supplements
  • Free additional treatments at the physiotherapist
  • Free tests in order to set up training and nutrition schedules
  • Free use of the gym on a yearly basis

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