This is what I have learned, I have seen that this pandemic is far above the understanding of human beings. We are getting constantly different information about the virus, remember the early stages when there were the most insane things said, like, the virus is not effective when it’s hot and sunny.

Human beings have done so many great things in the world, magnificent inventions and many wonderful things, but this virus we don’t understand nor controle it. When my washing machine was broken I had to call the brand/makers service to report the problem and they’ve sent someone to fix it. The guy that came knew exactly what he was doing and he opened the machine effortless and detected the problems immediately..

Now here’s the thing, what I’m learning from this pandemic is that human beings/creation have to seek their creator to find out what’s going on and for this virus to be stopped. Just like the guy from my washing machine knew exactly what was happening, I believe the creator know what’s happening with his creation. This pandemic is proving that we human beings are not all knowing, even tho we think and act like it most/all the time. Our creator is all knowing about his creation. I have learned to seek him more and in all this to humble myself more and to appreciate what I got, cause things can change anyhow and at anytime. We never saw this coming, right?👀. What’s your lesson? 👊🏾

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